Lucas Studio, Singapore

It is named for the Star Wars transport that inspired its design – the building itself is a state-of-the-art comprised of animation offices and ILM Singapore. Opened in September 2013, it is centrally located at Fusionopolia View with eight floors of office space, retail shopping, and a 100-seat theatre. Gardens, trees, and dense foliage accent its modern estate.


“Security” is the No. 1 concern of this American film company. The hardware supplied by ABS offers a peace of mind to all the users of the premise yet the convenience and aesthetic outlook will not be jeopardized. High security hardware from ABS, ASSA, ORBIS and CRL generates synergy effect to such an artistic, modern and secured Studio.

ABLOY EL560 Lockcase

ASSA 504 Double Latch Lockcase

ASSA 886C Lockcase

Character from Lucas Studio

CVL Panic Handle

CVL Panic Handle

Door Selector

DORMA Top & Bottom Rail



LH103 Fixed Lever Handle

LH103 Lever Handle

ORBIS 51 800.4 Emergency Release Indicator SSS

ORBIS 32 902 Floor Stop SSS

ORBIS 53 332.18BB 32x1800mm Pull Handle

Round Recess Cup Handle