Iringan Hijau, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Iringan Hijau means “along with the greenery”. Located at U-Thant, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Iringan Hijau is nothing but a prestigious noble residential development composed of 4-storey height unconventional low density low rise condominium right at the embassy area.


The architect has specially designed a 110mm thick door with acrylic cladding. Entrusted by both the developer and the architect, ABS was commissioned to tailor-make a SLIM and GEOMETRIC design stainless steel lever handle with high security cylinder with special length. To further enhance fabulous feel of the development within the embassy area, D-LINE sanitary-wares are subtly installed. All these door hardware and sanitary-ware solutions, together with the fair face concrete facade, are indeed a perfect reflection of the humble yet elegant overall design theme of the development.

102x76x2.5mm Hinge

5055 Door Stopper

Dline Glass Holder

Dline Shampoo Shelf

Dline Toilet Paper Holder

Dline Towel Rail

Floor Pivot

Friction Arm

Mortise Lock

Round Cup Handle w Blank Rose


Tailored-made Geometric Design Lever Handle