Marina One, Singapore

Marina One Singapore is set to be gravitational epicentre of Singapore’s new CBD, providing commerce, high-end residences and exciting retail spaces in the heart of the Marina Bay District. The award-winning development received international recognition at the recent Asian Pacific Property Awards picking up national awards for the Best High Rise Architecture, Best Mixed-use Architecture and Best Mixed-use Development.


Marina One Residences is one of the first developments of its type to integrate soft landscape into the fabric of the building. By means of BRIO sliding system, it creates inspiring, seamless and multi-functional room spaces to be enjoyed. BRIO helps defining new design standard of Contemporary Studio Flat which allows an absolute flexibility of space management.

90x66x2.5mm Butt Hinge in White Color

Award-winning Development

K401SN BRIO Flush Pull Handle SS

BRIO Pivotfold 75 Sliding Back View

BRIO Pivotfold 75 Sliding Front View

Marina One

Multi-function Room

Open Space Concept