North Spring Biz Hub, Singapore

Being a modern industrial hub with 456 factory units including two eateries, this new seven-storey ramp-up development is an ideal space facility with integrated features that serve the needs of every business owner.


With ABS custom-made outdoor LED development sign at the top of building, the uniqueness and local recognition of the building will be greatly enhanced. Those internal acrylic and painted signs suggested nothing but an efficient yet economical business space within the Yishun area.

Double Box Up Building Sign

Gantry Sign - 19000(W)x 700(H)mm - Powder Coating Alumn

LED Box Up Cut Out Sign Day View

LED Box Up Day View

Lobby Directional Sign

Painting on Ramp -in-7000(W)x1000(H) mm

Vertical Development Sign Height over 25M

LED Box Up Cut Letters 1800(W)x1500(H)mm