Neighbourhood Renewal Programme @ Woodlands, Singapore

The Neighbourhood Renewal Programme ( NRP ) seeks to enhance the quality of residents’ living through the upgrading & construction of facilities to provide more recreational options for all.  This includes enhancing the neighborhood’s physical landscape, as well as increasing connectivity and accessibility for the greater convenience of all residents.


KIMSIGN, an ABS’s in-house signage brand, offers a landmark sign for this NRP programme by means of an aluminum front lit Woodlands sign with 5M width specially-designed aluminum support bar.  For celebrating her Canberra Anniversary, ABS also installed a 3M width aluminum sign meshed with some fancy acyclic graphics and letterings.


These signs will be served as a cornerstone recording how the NRP enhances residents’ awareness to shape their home precincts.

Admiralty Sign

Alum Sign on Wood-like Concrete

Canberry Sign

Pedestrian Sign on Galvanized Steel Post

Sign around Corner

Special Back Fixing

Woodlands Sign w Canvas

Woodlands Sign