Water Villas, The Light Collection IV, Penang, Malaysia

Perched on stilts above water and commanding panoramic views of Penang’s legendary harbor, it is a stunning showpiece of 19 villas brilliantly conceived and beautifully set with waterfront allure. Living in one is like owning the jewel in the crown. The development was even featured by Television Broadcasts Limited ( TVB ) in Hong Kong at ‘Property Preview’ ( 樓巿外望 ) on 11 July 2016.


Being chosen subtlety by ABS, the FritsJurgens Pivot Door System stands out, among the other common door hardware, as the secret of the technology is within the door. FritsJurgens Pivot Door System makes the interface with the floor elegantly subtle, which exactly matches with the design intent of the entire development “Less is More”.


The theme is further enhanced by the spiral staircase and rooftop garden or a water villa with your own pontoon, is area, contemporary living gem. To live in it is to experience an enviable lifestyle known only to residents in the upmarket and luxurious resort living enclave.

FritsJurgens for Partition Wardrobe

FritsJurgens System 3 at Main Entrance

Private Dock

FritsJurgens System 1

FritsJurgens System 3

FritsJurgens System 4

FritsJurgens Top Pivot Cable Grommet

FritsJurgen Top Pivot