Sunlove Home, Singapore

Being one of the few charitable Homes in Singapore, Sunlove Home gives care to patients ranging in age from 22 to 75 years old.  The aim of the Home is to educate the public about various forms of mental illness as well as to eradicate the misconception that mental patients are violent and patients cannot be restored to health.


KIMSIGN, an in-house brand of custom-made sign under the ABS Group, provides a comprehensive signage solution to Sunlove. These include a big aluminum boxed up Sunlove sign at top of the building with special back lit, car park light box with pole as well as some interesting signs with special visual design such as fire extinguisher, hose reel and loading diagram.


All Sunlove Home residents will be able to understand well easily from visual. The objectives to restore patients’ self-esteem and self-worth of Sunlove Home will be partially facilitated by all these user friendly signs.

Acyclic Sign

Aluminium Boxed Up Back Lit Sign 26m H

Fire Extinguisher Sign

Hose Reel Sign

Instruction Sign

Room Sign

Staircase Sign

Toilet Sign