Paterson Suites – M Residence, Singapore

Mrs. M has chosen her residency in one condo unit at Paterson Suites, right at the heart of Orchard Road.


Her Japanese interior designer has specially chosen FERROVIA series, under the FORMANI brand, door ironmongery as the major hardware line for this prestigious condo unit. All FORMANI series are some original designs created by top Dutch designers and they’re all exclusive to Formani.


The uniqueness of the door ironmongery design is further enforced by D-LINE pocket door hardware. Her recess handle and lock match perfectly the aesthetic and functional aspects, which no similar product in the market can accomplish. Subtly selection of all these elegant hardware serves nothing but to provide an inimitability of the interior with both lushness and tranquility.


No matter the location is in city centre, stylist image with Balinese relaxed atmosphere is projected by HINGSWOOD, re-engineering timber in greyish black finish. The dimension of each timber plank is also unique to HINGSWOOD which no other player in the market offers the same size.

11206-60 Sash Lock

11306-60 Hook Lock

BILOBA 8060BT-14 Chrome Oil-Dynamic Self-closing Shower Hinge

Decking in Greyish Hairline

Dline Recess Handle

FVT10048 in Solid Unsprung Lever Handle

HINGSWood 50x20x1900mm Re-engineering Timber

Oval Edge Pull