Novena Church, Singapore

The design of Church of Saint Alphonsus ( Novena Church ) is famous of its magnificent dome high above the altar and towering pillars and high arches. Beautiful stained glass windows. It looks like a Gothic cathedral somewhere in Europe, but this will be the new look of a Catholic church undergoing a major expansion recently.


Other than proposing full set of ironmongery under her own house brand, ABS also presents ROCKY MOUNTAIN, a leading brand of classic, hand-made solid brass, premium architectural hardware from USA for this unique project. The unwavering commitment to high-quality, custom bronze pieces is unparalleled to the creation of that next sculptural work of art.  It is a perfect match with pointed arches, looming ceilings and colourful stained glass panels.


Extra heavy duty RIXON floor springs, up to 1,500 lbs loading capacity, also allows the restoration of those ancient huge church doors becoming possible. These dome share timber doors contribute nothing but a true atmosphere of a Gothic Cathedral in such a modern city – Singapore.

19x200mm Pull Handle

114x102X3mm 2BB Hinge

120x40mm Oval Recess Handle

60mm Night Latch Lock

60mm Roller Dead Lock

60mm Hook Lock

DH021 Door Stopper

Door Selector

DORMA GROOM 300 Door Closer

DORMA PT20 Patch Fitting

DORMA TS68 Door Closer

Escutcheon 7.5mm SS

Lever Handle w Cylinder

Rectangular Edge Pull

ROCKY MOUNTAIN 830-E831 & E832-E832 Lever Handle in Silicon Dark Bronze Colour

ROCKY MOUNTAIN G841-G842 & G843-G843 Pull Handle in Silicon Dark Bronze Colour


Round Cup Handle

Round Escutcheon

Round Recess w Key Cylinder

Round Recess w Thumbturn Cylinder

Toilet Indicator ID003 w Thumbturn SS

TT Cylinder 65mm w 3 Keys Satin

DIA 32x600mm Pull Handle

JD6607B DIA 51x1600mm Tailored-made Cranked Pull Handle

Novena Church Night View

RIXON H40-90A Center Hung Heavy Duty Floor Closer

RIXON H40-90A Floor Closer Top & Bottom in Bronze