Elements, Hong Kong

Immerse yourself in an oasis of tantalizing lifestyle pleasure at ELEMENTS shopping mall. A lavish world covering more than one million square feet of shopping, dining, art and entertainment awaits you. Soak up the cultural diversity as you stroll through each of our five zones, inspired by the five elements of traditional Chinese culture.


To meet the highest demands for safety, security and convenience, ABS specified IKON cylinders and keys to provide one of the best intelligent lock and security solutions around the world. We are dedicated to improving our customer’s lives through innovative products that offer great security, safety and convenience. You may embark upon a journey and discover the unparalleled experience with security and functionality that is ELEMENTS.

Dual Profile Cylinder

High Security Requirement


IKON on Metal Door

IKON on Timber Door

Restricted Access to Back of House

VERSO@CLIQ Cylinder & Key Locking System