Cluny Hill – C Residence, Singapore

There are estimated 2500 bungalows in Singapore today. By definition, Good Class Bungalows (GCB ) need to have a plot size of at least 1,400 sqm and be located in one of the areas zoned for Good Class Bungalow.


Designed by Z Arch, C Residence is one of the limited few grandeur bungalows located in the GCB zoned areas.


In order to reflect the extravagant atmosphere, ABS had deliberately chosen classic and timeless hardware, all in bronze finishes, such as HALLIDAY & BAILLIE, CES and FSB. The ambience within Cluny Hill has been no doubt revealed by all these European / New Zealand door ironmongery. In addition, DORIC is window stays and multi-point locks are also installed as a complete hardware solution for this prestigious project.

FSB 1106 Lever Handle

FSB 1106 Lever Handle

H & B 638N Snib & Key Both Sides w Built in Finger Pull

Knob Cylinder No.815-SP5 Key w Knob H Light Bronzed(MBRH) Finish

LH017 Lever Handle

Shower Hinge

Window Arm 10'' for Steel Frame

Window Arm 10'' for Wooden Frame