Nano-modified Waterproofing Membrane



Traditional cementitious waterproofing has low flexibility and poor bonding strength on concrete substrate.


HINGSFLOR, with the help and technology support of Nanotechnology, a novel cementitious waterproofing coating is developed to have high flexibility and excellent adhesion on the substrate. The technology is awarded the 45th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva – Silver Medal




Pre-packed, easy to mix and apply

High flexibility

Excellent adhesion on dry and damp sound substrate

Excellent waterproofing quality: able to withstand high hydrostatic pressure

Formation of a more solid and durable coating with good mechanical performance

Suitable for coating interior and exterior against water ingress and dampness

Low VOC, non- toxic, suitable for us in waterproofing potable water tanks

Environmental friendly




The superior performance, easy application and cost-effective features further enable the developed coating to be easily applied to various construction waterproofing fields including basements, toilets, kitchens, terraces, swimming pools, water tanks, decks and flat roofs.

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