Fire Curtain


  • Widely used in South Korea and Indonesia
  • Meet all requirements spelt out by relevant authorities
  • Certified to be able to withstand fire for up to 2 hours integrity
  • Tested in accordance with SS 489: 2001: Clause 4: Annex A: Determination of fire resistance of fire curtain
  • Two-Way Exit Door : Smooth and ease of Evacuation and easy access for firemen
  • Operation : Upon activation, curtains roll down quietly and softly
  • Lightweight : as compared to iron plates
  • Safety Management : Impact of collapse is greatly reduced as product is lightweight
  • Safety : Product is user-friendly and safe for children, the old and disabled
  • Curvature : made of fabric (Silica Fibre) and hence flexible in shapes
  • Relatively little space needed for installation : Shutter Box on top of ceiling requires little space to install
  • Easy to install : due to lightweight and small space needed for installation
  • Centre column : large distance between the centre columns
  • Good performance in blocking smoke


Project References in Indonesia

  • Bahana Tower, Mega Kuningan
  • Cemindo Tower, Kuningan
  • Cibis Office, Cilandak
  • Ciputra World, Kuningan


Project References in South Korea

  • Busan Wise Park, Busan
  • Coca Cola Factory, Yangsan
  • Lotte World Mall, Seoul
  • Lotte World Tower, Seoul
  • Square One, Incheon

Fire Shutter 1

Lotte World Mall Seoul

Square One in Incheon Coca-Cola Factory in Yangsan South Korea

Wise Park Busan South Korea

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